Patient David Nagle with Lorraine Curtin, director of social services

On April 15, 2015, David Nagle began therapy at Life Care Center of the South Shore in Scituate, Massachusetts.


Nagle had been hospitalized for an elective surgery to repair gastrointestinal bleeding. Following the procedure, complications arose along with reoccurring internal bleeding, causing Nagle’s strength to deteriorate.


When Nagle first arrived at the facility he was unable to stand or get out of bed on his own, and he had minimal use of his limbs. He was also battling multiple infections and could only consume a diet of nectar-thick liquids.


“David was in really bad shape following his surgery,” said Edward Sperandio, marketing director at the facility. “His doctors were not sure how he was going to respond to us, given the distress he was in.”


During his stay at the facility, Nagle participated in physical, occupational and speech therapies. Therapists worked extremely hard to help Nagle regain his strength and his ability to safely eat and drink a regular diet.


At first, Nagle had great difficulty getting out of bed, but he never lost hope. After three weeks of therapy, he was able to stand up. Despite the challenges he faced, Nagle remained determined to return home to live with his family.


“It was difficult, but they pushed me, and that’s why I am where I am,” Nagle said.


Nagle added that the nurses and rehab professionals encouraged and complimented him, which gave him the will to persevere.


“God bless these women who helped me – professional and kind and always there when I needed them.”


During Nagle’s therapy, his stamina increased dramatically, allowing him to get out of bed and walk 100 – 150 feet with a rolling walker.


Nagle’s progress resulted in him actively participating in self-care tasks and returning to a normal diet with thin liquids before he returned home on July 24, 2015. His improved strength also allowed him to maneuver several stairs to enter and exit his daughter’s house.


Associates at Life Care Center of the South Shore received a letter from Nagle’s daughter that shared, “On behalf of our whole family, I am writing to you with sincere appreciation for the care my dad received at your facility.”


“I am proud of all the staff members and their efforts they give helping our residents the way that they do,” said Sperandio. “Their sacrifices and care that they give each day cannot be matched.”