Greg Adams reads his radio ad.

Avid softball player Greg Adams was involved in a horrible automobile accident in February 2018.


Adams was loading groceries into his car in a grocery store parking lot when he was struck by a vehicle. The accident fractured his left tibia and fibula and crushed his foot, which required him to have a partial amputation and muscle graft.


When Adams arrived at Life Care Center of the South Shore in Scituate, Massachusetts, on March 1, he was on bed rest and only allowed to dangle his foot while sitting up for five minutes twice a day.


Therapists began to work with Adams as they could on physical and occupational therapies. Eventually he healed enough and regained enough strength to transfer from his bed to a wheelchair. As he progressed, he was allowed to sit up, stand up and, over time, walk. Throughout it all, he stayed upbeat and positive.


“I couldn’t have met a better bunch of people,” said Adams. “The therapists were amazing as far as I’m concerned. The care was phenomenal. The nurses were kind. Without all the great people at Life Care Center of the South Shore, there’s no way I would be where I am today. Thank you doesn’t say enough.”


Adams returned home to his wife on April 24, able to walk independently with a walking boot and a walker. Even after his rehab, however, he continued to visit the facility. He has now graduated from using a walker to using a cane and can play softball again.


On July 31, Adams recorded a radio ad for Boston radio station 98.5 The Sports Hub that praises the center for getting him back in the game. The ad will run during the entire New England Patriots season.

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