Anna and Robert Crocker dance.

On a very hot July 4, 2018, Anna Crocker woke up feeling a little dizzy but thought that breakfast might help.


She and her husband of 66 years, Robert, decided to go out for breakfast. While walking out to the car, Anna’s shoe fell off, and she stepped barefoot onto the pavement, burning the sole of her foot and causing her to fall and hit her head. Robert did his best to help her up, but the heat and humidity took its toll, and he eventually ended up on the ground as well.


Anna was admitted to the hospital with a laceration to the scalp and a burn to her right foot, and Robert was also admitted, for fainting and dehydration.


Both Crockers came to Life Care Center of the South Shore in Scituate, Massachusetts, on July 8 considerably deconditioned and fearful of falling again. Anna required minimal assistance with walking, transfers from one surface to another and self-care. Robert required moderate assistance in these areas.


Physical and occupational therapists worked with the Crockers six days a week to help them recover their independence. Balance was a special area of training.


Throughout their stay, the Crockers shared a room and continuously encouraged and supported one another.


Peg Figueroa, physical therapist assistant, is known for getting her patients dancing, and as the Crockers neared the end of their rehab stay, they were no exception. They enjoyed a dance together to “When Somebody Loves You” the day before they headed home.


“I wound up here with my wife, if you can believe it!” said Robert. “But everything here was top-notch. I’m so happy to be going home with my wife, Anna.”


“You’ve all been so wonderful,” Anna told the staff. “Everyone here has been so kind. It was a great place to come, but I’m so happy to be going home.”


On July 25, the couple returned to their house in Hingham, Massachusetts. They were both able to take care of themselves independently, walk with rolling walkers and perform light home management tasks.

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